Love The Sinner, Hate Your Own Sin

By Jeremiah Smith

I’ve often heard the expression, “Love the sinner, but hate the sin”, and it’s never quite sat well.  You know that feeling that something just isn’t quite right.  The uneasiness comes out of the question, how do I walk the fine balance between love (loving) and judge (judging)?

One of the Nazarites wrote this recently on their blog:

I can be so quick to judge, so quick to criticize. I’m praying that God would really open my eyes and open my heart to see what He sees. To feel what He feels when He looks at these broken ones. That I would be able to see ‘Destiny’ written over their heads and not ‘Addict’, ‘Victorious’ and not “Defeated, ‘Reachable’ and not ‘Lost Cause’.

If Jesus were here today what would he say?  Tony Campolo answers this question quite well.  He says, “Jesus never said, love the sinner, but hate his sin… He said, love the sinner and hate your own sin.”

You can find Tony Campolo’s statement here.

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