Week of Prayer for Human Trafficking


by Richard Long,

  Just in case you are thinking of devoting some special prayer around this very current issue, the folks at 24-7 Prayer.com are calling for a concentrated emphasis on the human trafficking issue coming up on Oct. 11-18th or 18-25th. 

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement…

Within the 24-7 family, one of our central values has always been the marriage of prayer and justice. Over the last year, we have discovered that there is a growing contingency among us whose hearts have been broken with the reality of human trafficking, and we want to respond.

So, we are inviting anyone who would like to join us in a week of prayer to unite our hearts in prayer. Together, we will cry out to the only Just Judge for the abolition of this appalling reality that has gone largely unchecked in our cities and in the nations of the world.

Whether you have a life calling to the arena of human trafficking, or are reading about it for the first time, come and seek the heart of the Father with us.

We will be hosting prayer rooms in the UK in Reading (18-25th October) and in the US at the Kansas City Boiler Room (12-16th October). There will also be several groups of students on campuses from Georgia to Colorado who will be praying with us.

We want to extend an invitation to all of you to join in this week of prayer by travelling to Reading or Kansas City.

You can also host a week of prayer in your city.  If you are already booked into hold a prayer week, either from 11-18th October or 18th-25th October why not consider having an area of your prayer room set aside for the issue of Anti-Human Trafficking …

If you are interested in participating or would like to learn more, please contact Andy Freeman in the UK at or Amanda Siebold in the US.”

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