A Lecture with Dr. John Stackhouse

By Jeremiah Smith

This past week many of us at NHOP had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Dr. John Stackhouse.    He is a distinguished Canadian theologian and writer.  He teaches at Regent College and also travels as a professional speaker.

I enjoyed his approach, which was intelligent and extremely honest.  He was not afraid to address issues that some in Christianity would deem “untouchable”.  He not only asks, “what do you believe?”, but also, “is that a correct or legitimate belief? And, why?”  For instance he brings into question the WWJD (what would Jesus do?) fad.  Read an excerpt from his book, Making the Best of It: Following Christ in the Real World:

“What would Jesus do?” therefore is the wrong question for Christian ethics. If we keep asking it, moreover, we will keep making the perennial mistakes many have made, such as prioritizing church work over daily trades (“because Jesus gave up carpentry for preaching the gospel”); valorizing singleness, at least for clergy (“because Jesus didn’t marry”); and denigrating all involvement in the arts, politics, or sports (“because we never read of Jesus painting a picture or participating in political discussions, much less kicking a ball”). Instead, “What would Jesus want me or us to do, here and now?” is the right question—or, if I may, Who are we, for Jesus Christ, today?

Check out Dr. John Stackhouse’s blog here.

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