Shana Tova – Happy Rosh Hoshana

by Richard Long,

   Well my Jewish friends tell me it is now the year 5770.  It seems very fitting (and intentional) that tonight all over Canada there will be the official launch of the documentary by Marnie Blom – From the River to the Ends of the Earth.


Hopefully wherever you are located in our nation you have access to a showing.  Go here to find a showing in your area.   Here in the Ottawa region, there are about 19 venues in local churches and home and centres like NHOP.  My wife – Terry also had the opportunity to show the trailer on Parliament Hill today to a couple of different groups that meet at the East Block Chapel on Fridays.

  The prayers that will be stirred up today for the destiny of Canada, seem a very appropriate way to begin the Jewish New Year.

On a ministry level, it is also the night that our new Nazarites and Prayer Missionaries are being launched into their 3 month program with us.

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