Who Prays for You?

by Richard Long,

  Is it selfish to pray for yourself?  Who better knows your struggles and vulnerabilities?  You probably already pray for yourself in a general way.  Every time you say, “Lord, have mercy” you are acknowledging your own need for help in a prayer.

So, who prays for you?  First of all, you should be praying for you.  But that’s not where it should stop.  Here at the National House of Prayer we urge all our staff and our short term residents to build a prayer shield for themselves.  We are on the frontlines of spiritual battle here, and we know we need extra prayer.  Terry and I are so grateful for our faithful prayer partners all over the nation who have committed to praying for us.  We wouldn’t be here without them!

   Even as our new Nazarite interns and Prayer Missionaries arrive in another week we have challenged them to recruit family and friends to stand with them daily in prayer.  We also encourage the weekly prayer teams to have a shadow team back home that keeps them covered while they are here.

  So whatever ministry the Lord has entrusted to you, I suspect you need prayer partners too.  It’s one way that we keep mutually dependant on each other in the Body of Christ.  It’s never a bad thing to ask a trusted friend to back you up with prayer.  It shows your regard for them and that you do believe in their relationship and conversation with the Lord. 

That reminds me … even Jesus in his hour of greatest trial asked some of his dearest friends to watch and pray with him. 

   Which brings me to the most encouraging part of this idea.  Who prays for you?  Jesus, our great intercessor is committed to praying for you.  “He is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.” Hebrews 7:25 Night and day, 24-7, forever, he is our high priest and prays to his Father on our behalf. 

Wow! and Amen.

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