George Muller on determining the Will of God

George Muller

by Richard Long,

George Muller is known best perhaps for the many orphans that he rescued and cared for a century ago in Bristol, UK.  However, his greatest contribution to history is his example of prayer, faith and walking in the centre of the will of God.

“When asked about how he determined the will of God on any matter, Muller cited the following eight steps he believed were necessary:

1.     “I get my heart into such a state that it has no will of its own in regard to any particular matter.”

2.     “I do not leave the result to feelings or simple impressions.  That can make one open to great delusions.”

3.     “I seek God’s will through, or in connection with his Word.  If you look to the Spirit without the Word, you open yourself to delusion.”

4.     “I consider providential [God-controlled] circumstances.”

5.     “I ask God in prayer to reveal his will to me.”

6.     “I make sure I have a clear conscience before God and man.”

7.     “Every time I listened to men instead of God, I made serious mistakes.”

8.     “I act only when I am at peace, after much prayer, waiting on God with faith.”

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