Momentum is Building for Government Prayer Sunday June 28th

    Nation at Prayer and the National House of Prayer are working together to invite churches across Canada to include a special time of prayer for elected representatives at all levels of government, in their worship services this Sunday, June 28th. The response has been nothing short of amazing!

       We know of churches that are devoting their entire evening service to prayer.  Others are inviting their local elected representatives to come for a time of prayer and blessing.  Still others are developing their service of worship around the theme of the role of the Christian in society, and our responsibility for encouraging and uplifting those in authority.

       In every instance, prayer is being offered according to the tradition of the individual church and the denomination to which it belongs. How exciting it is to know that on the same day across the country, Orthodox and Roman Catholic, Anglican and mainline Protestant, evangelical and charismatic, independent and Salvation Army, and every variety of expression of the Christian faith, are upholding our elected representatives in prayer!

                          Imagine the impact on Canada …!

        There’s still time for your church to receive resources for Government Prayer Sunday.  Simply go to Nation At Prayer or National House of Prayer  for materials you can download in pdf and Word format, as well as promotional videos.

       We also encourage individuals to bring a toonie gift for the ongoing work of the two ministries in Ottawa and across the nation.  Donations can be forwarded to National House of Prayer at the address on their web-site.    Please clearly identify that it is a gift for Government Prayer Sunday.

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