Our Nazarites Graduate

Naz Grad

by Richard Long,

   It’s been a very full and intensive 14 weeks for our Nazarite interns.  Today is their last day with us, and it is hard to think of saying “Good-bye”.  Last night we held a graduation evening which included certificates, presents, cards and a lengthy time of prayer ministry over each one.

  We are very proud of each one of them.  In the picture above you will see them with some of our long-term staff.  Nazarites are in bold lettering. (front row: left-right ____________, Kim Désinat, David-Daniel Day, Vanessa Ash, Jeremiah S., back row: left-right Richard L., Terry L., Rob P., Fran P., Chelsea Taschuk, Stephanie Lemmert, Kirsten H., and Megan M.  Missing in the pic  is Aleah Windsor, who came back for a second term as an intern.)

Please be praying for each of them as they step into the further purposes of God in their lives.

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