Praying for our M.P.

by Richard Long,

RoyalGalipeau_CPC  As you know, praying for M.P.s is what we do.  But tonight was extra special.  Terry and I live in a riding on the east side of the city called Ottawa—Orléans.  We have met our M.P. Royal Galipeau on many occasions, but tonight he met with us at the National House of Prayer. 

  So along with us, he had a chance to meet our interns and the visiting prayer teams for the week.  This week we have people from Windsor, Ontario, and also some Aglow folks from other parts of the country, Montreal, Lindsay, Ont., Clearwater, B.C. and Ottawa.  They all were floored by the humility and servanthood of Mr. Galipeau.  He gave us many insights into political life and the challenge of living according to your moral compass as a man of faith.  It was a huge blessing to pray for him and his wife and family.  Royal Galipeau is a strong reminder to us that God has answered our prayers for righteousness in our government.

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