Praying for the 40th Parliament

by Richard Long,

  This 40th Parliament must be a very important and historic season in our Canadian history.  I’m saying that based on how constantly it’s very existence has been challenged.  From the Coalition challenge in December of 2008 just after it was formed, to the constant question marks about whether it would survive it’s first budget and now it’s first showdown as a minority government over the handling of the economy and unemployment.

Yes, there is a crisis again here in Ottawa.  In the last few days the election speculation has taken a decided leap forward and parties are moving into preparation mode.  While we see the rhetoric ramping upward, our sense is that it is not time for Canadians to go back to the polls.  So we are praying for a dampening of all the brinksmanship and for some common sense to settle back on all the key movers and shakers.  We believe there is still much that this parliament needs to accomplish.  Would you join us in praying that it will not be aborted?

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