Where are we?

(This came from the desk of Eddie Smith earlier this week, and we felt it was so encouraging that we wanted to share it with you.)

by Eddie Smith

My father once asked me, “Son, if you were to open a map for the purpose of traveling to Chicago, what would you look for first?”
    Cautiously I said, “Chicago?”
    He smiled and said, “No, Son. You first look for where you are. Until you are certain where you are, you can’t possibly find your way to your intended destination.”
    May I suggest where I think we are? I’ll spare you the details.
1. Prayer

More Christians pray today than ever before. Christians pray more today than ever before. Christians pray together more today than ever before.
“Prayer has left the building!”     
Marketplace prayer      Prayerwalking      On site prayer      Prayer journeys      Schools of prayer      Prayer Summits      Pastors’ prayer groups
On Sunday we celebrated the 2009 Global Day of Prayer which involved all of the 220 nations on earth! As many as 500 million Christians participated.

2. Integrity
Ethics as well as doctrine and talent are on the front burner. Humility is an emerging quality in today’s Church. Spiritual pride is being confessed and renounced. Repentance is becoming a lifestyle. Turfism is tumbling to the side. Godly people are “seeing through” the manipulation of human personalities and soulish ministry techniques. Servant leaders are replacing “spiritual superstars”.

3. Accountablity
This is the worst time in history to be a know-it-all. Rather than hold others accountable, Christians are selecting accountability partners; and establishing accountability systems to hold themselves accountable. Christians today seek clean hands and pure hearts. God is exposing sin and judging evil. Wise Christians are unwilling to “flirt with” evil.

4. Unity
Two thousand years ago with His death, His resurrection, and the Gift, His Spirit, Christ made us one. Unity was accomplished.  Today we see the greatest manifestation of our spiritual unity since Calvary. Reconciliation of all kinds is a high priority today. 

5. Power
People being raised from the dead is commonplace in many nations today. God is pouring His Spirit out on mankind. Muslims are responding to the Gospel as a result of angelic appearances. The greatest harvest of souls in history is happening today.

6. “Doing Church”
Markeplace ministry is commonplace. Every member ministry is prevalent. Around the world, God is releasing women in ministry. House churches, underground churches, indigenous churches, cell churches, youth and post-modern churches are arising.

7. Responsibility
Christians are becoming “doers” of the Word. Rather than just pray for those in need; Christians today meet each other’s needs. Prayer and evangelism, once estranged, have “kissed and made up”. Those who pray for the lost, witness to them! Today, with Jesus, we’re asking the Father for the nations–our inheritance! (Psa 2:8) And the Father is giving the nations to us–Christ and we his joint-heirs. We’re the first generation in history that can actually know the progress of world evangelism!

8. Leaders From Third-world or Developing Nations Are Emerging
Before the 1990s Western Christians “ran everything”. Today’s Church leaders and world evangelists come from every nation, tribe and tongue!  And yes, God is moving in America too!

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