Global Day of Prayer

by Richard Long,

  We will be participating in the local Global Day of Prayer event here in Ottawa this evening.  Prayer and Pentecost naturally go together.  It was on the 10th day of a prayer meeting that the Holy Spirit was poured out on the earth 2000 years ago. 

  This year’s GDoP will include every country and territory on the planet.  My wife Terry is very aware of this.  A couple of weeks ago the word went out that only the tiny islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, the French territories out in the Atlantic off of Newfoundland, were without a GDoP ceremony.  Terry felt the tug of the Holy Spirit to volunteer to stand in the gap.

  After some scrambling and some divine orchestrations, she found that our good friend, Gail Whyte was also feeling the need to go, and the both of them made plans.  Along the way another new intercessory friend, Nadine Matthews from St. John’s, decided to obey the call and so today the 3 of them are holding a prayer service with a local believer in St. Pierre and Miquelon.  I think this is what the Father intended when He asked us to extend His kingdom to every corner of the earth.

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