Hamilton, Ont. The prayer is growing.


by Richard Long

  Today Terry and I visited our good friends in Hamilton.  We went to the monthly leaders’ lunch where the city-wide pastors and intercessors gather, and they were gracious to welcome us back and ask us to share about NHOP.  This is the city-church group that we were a part of up until about 4 years ago, and who prayed for us and launched us out to Ottawa. 

  We were encouraged to see how the prayer effort was growing in Hamilton.  There is an extra prayer meeting beyond the lunch meeting, that happens on Friday this week, and the Nehemiah Prayer Network hosts a monthly city-wide prayer meeting at First Place chapel next week.  We also heard how some of the local neighbourhood gatherings are growing in their prayer life.

  Hamiltonians have also been regulars at the National House of Prayer.  Some of the leaders in the meeting today had been with us already a couple of times, some even more.  We had a prayer team from Paramount Dr. Alliance Church with us a few weeks ago and it looks like we have at least 2 other teams considering coming this Fall.  We can’t wait.

Go Hamilton!  (Maybe you will even get an NHL team sometime soon, though I heard that NHL Commissioner Bettman says that Toronto has to get a team first.)

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