Scandals Again on Parliament Hill

by Terry Long

     Well we certainly have our fill of  scandals in the papers and on television these days here in Ottawa.   Whether it is regarding the former Conservative Airbus Scandal or the  current Liberal Nanny Diaries there is lots of fodder to feed the hungry media.  But it is not just the media that eats this up.  It amazes me what sells a newspaper.  Gossip and scandals seems to be of great interest to everyone.   Hollywood knows this and has television shows specifically chronicling the scandalous lifestyles and gossip of the rich and famous.  Shows like Entertainment Tonight, and E Now.   Are scandals really that entertaining?  They must be.  True confessions….I watch those shows sometimes….and I am following these current scandalous stories on Parliament Hill too.   But hopefully with different motives. 

         I think that if anyone needs prayer these days it is a former Prime Minister who has confessed to some unwise decisions that are coming back to bite him, and a bright rising Liberal star who may have to live with the consequences of unwise conduct.  Both are claiming to be victims of unfair scandal.  Good point.  When has a scandal ever been fair to those involved?  But then again, where is the sense of responsibility or accountability for conduct?   Sad and real stories are unfolding that do not have an ending yet.  Let us pray that only the truth will be uncovered and that only the truth will remain.

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