The Politics of Prayer?

by Richard Long,

   This is a new one for me.  A headline in today’s news states “Obama caught up in the unholy politics of prayer”.  The story which you can read here, is about how President Obama observed the National Day of Prayer yesterday in the U.S. 

   I didn’t know that prayer was political.  I certainly didn’t know it was unholy, but I suppose if politics gets involved it can easily become profane. 

  Certainly the issue of how religion and government inter-relate has been an ongoing debate for the whole history of Christianity.  In Canada we do not have a National Day of Prayer that has been signed into legislation.  That might actually be a good thing.

  We do however have a new initiative to observe a Government Prayer Sunday which has gained momentum over the last couple of years.  It’s an initiative of the Church for the Church, which should be praying anyway!  You can learn more about June 28, 2009 on our official website and download all the resources you need to get your church involved.

Go to the Government Prayer Sunday website.

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