Canada & Afghanistan

by Richard Long

   Nation Building is not a simple task.  We and other NATO countries have learned that as we have sought to come alongside the nation of Afghanistan in the last few years.  The process is fraught with pitfalls and requires a long term commitment.  It certainly requires a lot of work beyond military means, though I for one, understand the need for a strong military force to create stability before the other processes can really take root.


   Today’s surprise visit by PM Stephen Harper to Afghanistan (see the article) should be an urgent reminder to us that intercessors need to undergird this nation-to-nation effort.  Without divine help this task is impossible. 

  As the church we understand we have a similar mandate to disciple the nations.  That’s another large topic and one that has a different approach than military means or diplomacy.  Still it reminds us of the similar challenges that government and church face when they take on the task of transforming a nation.

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