Thank God for Canada

by Richard Long,

   My wife, Terry and I have been away for 9 days with our daughter for a vacation in Cuba.  Didn’t our other staff do a great job of blogging while we were away?

 It so happened that during the time we were in Cuba, they were celebrating on May 1st the 50th anniversary of the revolution in Cuba under Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.  I was in the large “Revolutionary Square” the day before, as they were setting up the stands in front of the huge memorial.  (Here’s  a picture I took.)


I was struck by the poverty and the lack of freedom that the average citizen has had to endure for the idealogical principles of “The Revolution”.  In saying that, I am not excusing the terrible embargo that the U.S. has imposed ever since.

   Our tour guide mentioned that since the Pope visited they now have the freedom to observe Christmas.  Unfortuneately that seems to be the only concept of Christianity that the average Cuban understands.

  I am now so much more grateful to be a Canadian citizen and to enjoy the freedom and privileges we take too often for granted.  I am now even more motivated to pray for our government.  I am also motivated to pray for our Cuban friends as well.

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