Hullo world!

Lately, God has been speaking to me and others at NHOP on a few topics.  It’s been a reoccurring theme that I’ve noticed.  We’re praying not just for the Nation as a whole but also for a generational unity within the church and calling up the remnant in Canada.  It seems that God has put those topics to be such an urgency on my heart that I’m starting to intercede with more passion, not only corporately but in the hidden times I have with the Lord.  God has been bringing the word, “revival” to my attention as well.  I desire my Nation to change and for revival to come to my people, but it’s going to start with prayer and being humble before God.  It starts with a willing vessel (ME) which seems so small, but it then that little faith grows and becomes even more hopeful.

As I was doing my morning run today, I ran past a low income apartment building that is located right beside my home.  In my spirit I had such a prompt to pray for revival in that building and within the neighborhood. I questioned why. Could revival happen in my own neighborhood, so close to me?
Sometimes when I think of revival, I only think of the big picture and the thousands of people who turned from their wicked ways, and how God moved in the hearts of men. But it started with only a few and I sometimes forget that.  A few who devoted themselves to prayer and a fasted lifestyle.  The few became wholeheartedly devoted to God. The remnant choose to die to themselves and to live for Christ, in their local neighborhood. In turn it became contagious, not only the area in which they prayed in was transformed, but also a Nation was touched by the move of God.

I looked deeper at the word revival, and it comes from the word revived. My prayer this morning for those at the low income neighborhood was that God would reveal himself in such a way, that revelation and truth would shine so greatly upon them. That all truth would shake off all darkness, and their eyes would open to the reality of Jesus Christ. That hope would be revived, and a people would be awakened to Jesus’ unfailing love.

It starts with a few, and it starts small, but man…think of the possibilities…Think of the possibilities!

Megan MacQuin

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