Here I Am, Use Me!

Kim Desinat

By Kim Desinat

This is a marvelous time of my life!  I am changing everyday into Jesus’ image and I love it!  Today, someone prayed that God will use our prayers to do His will.  I do pray everyday, in fact, I came at NHOP to increase my praying life and yet this sentence touched me and shifts a light in my spirit; Lord, here I am available to you use my prayers to do your will I said.

I believe that the only way for God to intervene in our lives is through prayer.  In my preaching last week I started with a statement saying, “No prayer, no change”!

Do you believe things around you can change? Do you believe prayer will affect situations and peoples in you life?  The Bible give us a lot of stories of people who prayed to God and received answers to their prayers, for myself, I remember praying for my dad sickness, in fact I was interceding and asking God to give him life!  And the Lord my God did heal him and gave him the grace to live longer by adding years to his life!  Yes, because if it wasn’t for the prayers of the saints he’d be dead.  Thank you Jesus, our healer for all times!

What is your pray today? Mine is: God use my prayers to do your will on earth!

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