National Prayer Breakfast: May 27-28, 2009

Coming up in less then a month will be the National Prayer Breakfast here in Ottawa.  The events purpose is to, “invite leaders to meet in the spirit of Jesus Christ in order to pray together”.  Last year the event attracted over 800 people from across Canada to pray & worship together.

The National Prayer Breakfast is chaired by David Anderson, a Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills – Grasslands, Saskatchewan.  He says of the breakfast,

“It’s a non-partisan non-political event, and it’s a Christ-centred event. It     doesn’t seek to convert anybody to Christianity, it’s just basically to invite people to meet in the spirit of Jesus and to pray together,”

He is also the chair of the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast which meets every Wednesday morning on Parliament hill.  The breakfast gathers Christians across party lines for a time of prayer and fellowship in the early morning.

Canada is truly blessed to have the freedom and Parliamentarians who are passionate about their faith and prayer.  As the breakfast draws near pray for all those attending, and especially the Parliamentarians who are supporting it.

If you would like more information check out the National Prayer Breakfast website or email

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