Youth Need You


 By Jeremiah Smith

       A few days ago on Good Friday, the National House of Prayer had an opportunity to attend the ‘No Other Name’ youth event here in Ottawa hosted by the Metropolitian Bible Church.   Organized by a group of youth pastors in the city, it was attended by over 600 high school youth from across Ottawa.

       We were there not only to take part, but also to promote ‘Camp Fire’–our youth week at NHOP at the end of June — and the Nazarite Call, our internship program.  It was an awesome day of connecting with youth and youth leaders.

As we were about to pack up we dropped in on the evening worship just for a few moments.  As we stood there I couldn’t help but notice the lack of engagement in the worship.   These teens had been energetically exuberant all day, yet when it came to worship there appeared to be a lack of  “entering in”, as some would term it.  Standing there I realized that something was lacking in that room.  It wasn’t the worship team, or lack of the presence of God.  No, what was lacking were people older then the youth in the room.  There were very few older people who could demonstrate what “entering in” looked like.  There was a lack of those leading by example.  Where were the role models?

      Growing up I looked to those older then me.  I looked to their example, perhaps more then they ever would have realized.  Now I am that person that youth look up to.  It doesn’t feel like it, yet I know it’s true.  They watch my every move, word, and action.  I’ve emerged from those years called the “teens'”,  however now is not the time to separate myself from it.   Instead it is the time to reach out to those in the midst of those difficult, all important years.

    The youth of today need those people.  Those people that have been where they have been; guides to lead them through and help them find their way.

Where are those people?

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