PM Stephen Harper’s Easter Greeting

 by Richard Long,

It’s not every country, nor every Prime Minister who would give this kind of special greeting to fellow-believers.

This come courtesy of “Listen Up” the insightful TV production hosted by Lorna Dueck.

Here’s what they wrote about this particular opportunity.

“Listen Up TV received an unsolicited phone call from the Prime Minister’s office requesting the opportunity to speak to Canadians through our show, on this important Easter weekend. In his greeting to Canadians, Prime Minister Harper says, “Without religious liberty, believers would not be able to contribute to Canadian society, in the way that all of us need.”

 On Easter Sunday, watch Listen Up TV as we explore the meaning of Easter. This show, which includes the Prime Minister’s greeting, also features prominent historian Dr. Craig Evans, author of “Jesus, The Final Days.” He will help ordinary Canadians, with no faith background at all, understand the incredible story of death, resurrection and new life.

May the power of that Easter Sunday morning fill you with a deep sense of contentment. He Is Risen!!”

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