Canada – Helping Other Nations in Crisis

by Terry Long

       I am sure that all of us have been saddened by the news of the recent earthquake in Italy’s central region.  The death toll is over 250 and is expected to rise along with thousands who have been left homeless.  There have been over 400 after-shocks reported in that area.  Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and tsunamis; these catastrophic events are becoming all to familiar on the national news.  Some nations are known as leaders in helping other nations in crisis.  Canada, I am proud to say, is one such nation.  Even in the midst of economic downturn and global economic failures our nation is a leader in giving international aid to needy countries.  Canadians in general are known to be a generous people, and not just with money, but with  medical supplies, manpower, and humanitarian agencies and skills needed for search and rescue and rebuilding. 

      As for Italy specifically, there is information on the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada website on how to donate.  They are suggesting money rather then food or clothing at this time.  Let’s be praying for this nation of Italy, for survivors,  for those who grieve, and for the major task of rebuiding their communities in the midst of burying their dead.

For more information please check out  the website here .  I encourage you to read further on that website to find out just what Canada does for international relief and for the protocol for each disaster.   Thank you, Canada.

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