Out of Site, But Not Out of Mind


by Terry Long

    Well for this week and next week the halls on Parliament Hill will be less busy than normal.  Our Parliamentarians are gone for two weeks.  But that word “gone” should not be confused with the  word “off”.  They are back home in their electorial district ridings for this week partaking in different responsibilities and duties.  As well, we hope that they get to spend some quality time with their friends and families over Easter.   We had one spouse of a Member of Parliament tell us recently that when her husband is home she hardly ever sees him and almost needs to stand in line like everyone else just to spend some time with him.  Let’s pray  that family time for all of them is scheduled as a priority.  Let’s also pray that their Easter will be meaningful and spiritually signficiant for each one.

        Just because they aren’t here in Ottawa, it is tempting to think , “out of site – out of mind”.  We have found that during these weeks the Members of Parliament and the Senators need more prayer than ever so that they can come back to Ottawa ready and refreshed for the next governmental sessions in the House of Commons and the Senate.   Please join us in remembering to pray for them over these next two weeks.

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