While the cat is away, the mice will play…

 By: Megan MacQuin
Hello, Nation of Canada and world!

There is so much to be thankful for in these days. Thankful for spring coming up, for what God is doing within Canada, within Government, and just for all the small details that can pass the seeing eye.

I would like to emphasise two very important people in my life that I am so very thankful for, who play very important roles at NHOP. Richard and Terry Long. These two wonderful people are like mom and dad, not only to me but to others at NHOP! They are such a blessing, and they work hard to keep this Nation informed with inspirational insight, National news, and NHOP updates. They are the people who make this blog happen, and make sure everything runs smoothly at NHOP. I just want to thank you Richard and Terry for all that you do! You are sooo appreciated.

If you have a minute today, could you pray for them as they lead a prayer summit in Hamilton Ont. They are gone for the week, and we will miss them incredibly.
While they are gone, they have left us interns to take care of their blog, so as you daily read the blog, you’ll find different authors to inspire you, inform you, and keep you updated with NHOP news within this week.


“Nothing is wonderful except the abnormal and nothing is abnormal until we have grasped the norm”.
The Grand Miracle, written by C.S. Lewis.

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