Street Level 2009


by Richard Long,

  Thanks to Ken McLaren from the Ottawa Inner-City Ministries, Terry and I were invited to be special guests at the opening banquet for Street Level 09 which is being hosted at the Westin Hotel here in the city.

  What an honour.  This event is held every 3 years to encourage, network and resource the front line people in this nation who are reaching out in Jesus’ name to the poor and the powerless.  Last night, after greetings from politicians representing all 4 parties, we listened to the Steve Bell Trio, and heard a moving talk from Greg Paul.

  Then there was a vigil walk to Parliament Hill to remember the street people, and the poor of our nation.

   Ken McLaren asked if we would remember to pray for this conference and all these precious workers who are here in Ottawa over the next few days.  I would also suggest we pray for the impact that this banquet had on the hearts of the M.P.s and other key Government leaders who were present.

  You can also keep track of what is going on, because they have set up a blog of what is happening throughout the conference.

Check out the Street Level 09 Blog.

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