by Terry Long

       Just now our visiting prayer team from Gibsons, British Columbia, and our Nazarites are embarking on a prayerwalk with Rob Parker, the Director of the National House of Prayer.   Rob loves to prayerwalk and has walked the longest prayerwalk that I know of, from Calgary to Ottawa several years ago.  The prayer walk today however, is much shorter.   They plan to walk to the Parliament area as well as crossing over the bridge to Quebec.  It is a sparkling sunny day and just perfect for such an adventure. 

       Prayerwalking is becoming more and more popular in our Evangelical Christian culture  as it is being used as a great prayer tool for neighbourhoods and cities.  There are lots of good resources online to help you as an individual or as a group to get started.  It is so easy…..if you can walk and talk at the same time then you can do it!     The Church of the Nazarene has posted a good resource.  It starts like this:

      “Prayer walking is a method of intercessory prayer that involves walking while praying at the location of the prayer journey. Prayer walking is a way of being on the scene without making a scene. It could also include riding, jogging, boating, biking, or any other means of transportation. The method of communication is to pray on site, rather than from a distance.”

Do you want to read more?  Check out the link here.

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