Incredible National Prayer Teamwork as the Senate Passes Bill C-10

by Terry Long

      As a follow-up to the blog posted March 11, (see below), we are happy to report that the Senate did pass Bill C-10.  This is huge.  As you may recall, the Budget Bill C-10 known as Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2009 was approved weeks ago in the House of Commons as the Liberal Party joined with the Conservatives, thereby allowing the bill to pass.  However, once the bill moved to the Senate to be reviewed and passed it got stalled and tied up in partisan issues.  This had real implications regarding the releasing and dispersing of over 3 billion dollars into the economy and to those who really need it, like the unemployed.   What a relief that this bill was passed.

       It is not just a coincidence that we had two visiting prayer teams here at NHOP over the last two weeks, who felt a strong sense that their prayer assignments for the nation included pushing and praying this bill through.  We saw prayer teamwork in action as a Stoney Creek, Ontario team began to intercede on this issue for a week, and then was followed by an Abbotsford, British Columbia team which came in and took over to give a final prayer push to finish the assignment. 

   These two teams, along with many intercessors around the nation moved a spiritual mountain for the nation.  We saw a great turnaround in the Senate with attitude and action that resulted in victory on Thursday March 12th.   That is what I call informed and strategic prayer in action at a national level.   Let’s pray for more national prayer teamwork.   We have a couple of weeks still this Spring that are open for a visiting prayer team.  Why not consider bringing a prayer team from your region to pray for the nation.  You’ll be amazed at what God can do through your team.   We are amazed every week!

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