Stoney Creek Prayer Team


by Richard Long,

  This week’s visiting prayer team came to us from Paramount Dr. Alliance Church in Stoney Creek, Ont. (an area of Hamilton).  Led by Pastor Steven  and Gail Whyte, they have had a very effective and exciting week.  They met and prayed for two of their local M.P.s, Dean Allison and David Sweet, and also had a great spontaneous chat with Sen. Mike Duffy in the halls of Parliament, after attending Question Period for the third time.

  Of course they did many of the other things that teams usually squeeze into their 5 days here at NHOP.  They were at the Supreme Court this morning, and are in the Prayer Chapel this afternoon as I am writing this report.  They have skated on the Canal, been to the Museum of Civilization, and the National Art Gallery and walked through Byward Market numerous times on their way back and forth to Parliament Hill.

   It’s been an inter-generational team, so it has been great to see them worship, pray and grow together.  They’ve probably grown physically because of the wonderful meals we have here, but more importantly they have grown as they have learned much about prayer, about government and about each other.  We hope they will bring a prayer team again next year.

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