Human Trafficking Bill C-268

by Richard Long,

    Today in the House of Commons, Bill C-268, a private members bill championed by Joy Smith of Kildonan-St. Paul  was introduced and began it’s initial debate.

  This is a bill that we have been doing a lot of praying about.  Beyond prayer, we have also had some of our former Nazarites, notably Lori Folkerson and Leena MacLeod, volunteering in Joy Smith’s office in the lead up to the day.

   Particularily, the bill would focus on crimes against youth who are kidnapped, confined and used in the sex slave trade.  A mandatory sentence is being proposed due to the heinousness of the crime.  Right now perpetrators are getting off fairly easily, and there seems to be no deterrence.

   As I write this, a team from Lori’s riding back in Milton, Ont. is praying in the gallery as they watch the presentation of the new bill and hear it’s debate begin.  There seems to be support from members of other parties, but a private member’s bill is a long shot to see enacted as law.  The first step is to get it passed this 2nd reading and into the committee stage.

  We encourage all intercessors to take up this cause, to pray for the success of Bill C-268, and ask the Lord to have mercy upon us, that slavery would indeed be punished and prevented in the nation of Canada.

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