Question Period or Accusation Period?

by Terry Long

        Well here we are just 6 weeks into the 2009 Government and already there is some “loss of decorum” in the House of Commons Question Period.  This is a little disappointing seeing as the beginning of January seemed so hopeful with some display of good manners even if it was under obvious restraint.   The goal this year was a greater effort of all parties to show some degree of respect especially in the language, attitude and tone of voice when asking questions.   Sad to say, after yesterday, it was almost back to where it was in late 2008.   So much preamble of innuendo, needless unflattering comments and accusation completely overshadowed the actual questions that it was hard to sometimes discern what exactly was being asked, and more importantly if the question was really even the main point of the diatribe being presented.  

   It seems to me that at least yesterday, that Question Period has become an opportunity to rant, rail and complain about the current government.  I have seen this behaviour before.  It was in my daughter’s kindergarten class during recess, you know, when cliques of children gang up on other children and all the bullying and posturing starts because someone has something that someone else wants.  

          This is my second year of fairly regularly attending Question Period.  I am hopeful that patterns of behaviour can be broken.  I believe that respect and decorum can be restored.  I believe in the power of prayer.  And that is why I still go everyday when I am able.  Would you join with us at NHOP in prayer that a real breakthrough would happen among our Parliamentarians.

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