Obamamania? What About Harpermania?

by Terry Long

     According to the newspaper headlines, Obamamania has arrived.   It is hard to describe, but there is definitely a buzz in the air here in Ottawa.  Maybe it is because of all the “Obama Fans”.  Bus loads have come from Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener and Montreal to see him.   All of these people came here knowing that there is virtually zero chance of a possibility of actually see the man!  Turns out there was a 30 second wave on the Hill with the Prime Minister.   One Obama fan is quoted in the local paper saying, “Even if we don’t see him, he’ll see it on TV, he’ll read about it and  he’ll know that people were out there to welcome him. ”   Now that is what I call a true Obamamaniac!

         I have a confession to make.  I am a Harpermaniac!   I get that same buzz when I am around Stephen Harper.  He is our leader and is worthy of all the respect and encouragement that we can give him.  Why?  Not because he is a Conservative or a Liberal or a whatever.  It is because  he is our Prime Minister!   We are called by God to honour and respect him, to pray for him and to be thankful for him.  (Check out I Tim. 2: 1-7)  Let’s go a step further.   I say that we should  start cheering him on!    I am not saying to go overboard like a maniacal fan, but how about showing some  actual appreciation for our Prime Minister?   Would it be so “out-of-the-box” for Canadians to  rise up out of our apathey and actually voice our appreciation?   We do it for our hockey teams,  why not Stephen Harper? 

       Let me help you to take some baby steps.  For starters, why not send him a simple, genuine hand written encouragement card?  (typed ones get sent in the garbage)  Sending a card is so very very easy and it doesn’t even need a stamp!   Just address it to ” The Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Parliament Hill, Ottawa” and he will get it.   I hope you do this.  I hope he gets hundreds, no thousands of encouragement cards.   I guess you could call that real “fan mail”.

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