Pray For the Pastors and Leaders of Your City

by Terry Long

      Something that really excites me  is seeing pastors and leaders come together in a city to build sustainable relationships through prayer and genuine friendships centered around the Lord.  I am always blessed to see pastors and leaders expand into the wider kingdom perspective especially cross denominationally.  Don’t mistake me here.  I am not talking about losing denominational distinctions of doctrinal unity, but rather expanding into cooperative unity for common purpose.  Like, for example, common witness and testimony,  (like evangelism),  prayer, worship and when necessary, taking unified stands in spiritual warfare together like justice  issues or mercy missions.  This unity does not happen in a city overnight.  It comes by revelation from the Lord.  Revelation that we all need each other for the greater kingdom purposes.

      Today and for the next three days, my husband Richard and Rob Parker are facilitating the Ottawa pastors and leaders who are meeting together for a prayer retreat.  This is an annual event (in addition to their monthly prayer breakfasts), that has been going on for over a decade!  Are you encouraged?  I sure am.  Eventhough there is still so much more to come, Ottawa is blessed by this level of unity so far.   

             More and more cities are experiencing and enjoying the blessings of pastors and leaders coming together for these purposes of the Lord.  Please pray for the spiritual gatekeepers of your own city.  They may be pastors, intercessors or  leaders in the marketplace.  They are men and women of influence who are  kingdom thinkers and are able to change the spiritual atmosphere in your city whether they be in the church or fields of media, medicine, education, government, etc.  I believe that one of the greatest testimonies that this world is waiting, no dying to see, is the miracle of the Body of Christ fully functioning together as one unit.

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