Fire in My Bones

Two of our previous Nazarites have returned longer term to work with us this year at NHOP.  (Actually there are 2 others who are here for a week and 2 more that are here for the month of February.)  Jeremiah Smith and Megan MacQuin are the ones who are here long term.

We are encouraging them to blog from time to time.  Megan has already created her own blog which you may want to check out called Fire in My Bones.

Here’s an excerpt from her Friday entry last weekend …


A prayer …by Megan MacQuin,

The other day, as I was setting up my room, I realized that I was starting to question why I am here at the NHOP…I looked up at my white board, and I started to write a answer to my own question. A prayer that is completely lead by the spirit, but here it is…This is a vague understanding of my purpose of what is going to drive me through this next season of being at NHOP.

A generation uniting together under one banner, raising up a standard from the norm. Living a life abandoned to the LORD, knowing pride falls, and humility is the true healer of the land. Help us LORD to find you, in the mist of our brokenness, help us to love you above all, and to remember to love others…Give us eyes to see and mouths to speak…for this generation…

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