Military Prayer Vigil


by Richard Long

  The third annual Prayer Vigil for the Military and their Families, sponsored by the Military Christian Fellowship enjoyed a balmy temperature of about -1 C yesterday at 5:00 P.M.  I estimated about 60 folks in attendance.

  It was well-organized (what do you expect from the military) by Michael and Leonor Ward and included lots of great prayer leaders.  They included official chaplains, retired military personnell, active duty soldiers, local pastors and the leadership of MCF and NHOP.

  Afterwards folks came back to NHOP to warm up with some hot choclate and cookies which was a good excuse to have some warm fellowship.  We’ve done this event in -25 C weather the last couple of years, so the need for actual warmth was perhaps less necessary.  NHOP was well represented, with all our former Nazarites, prayer missionaries and leadership team playing roles and supporting the prayer effort.

  Numerous other communities across Canada from St. John’s Nfld to Vancouver B.C. ran their own prayer vigils.  We expect to hear some reports over the next few days.

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