Meanwhile Back on the Hill……..


by Terry Long

     Vancouver Missionsfest was amazing, but it is great to be back in Ottawa.  Now I can resume my prayer post back in the House of Commons today and I am looking forward to it. 

    I must say though that I was disturbed by the political headlines that caught my eye enroute in the airport yesterday.  The knives are out for Stephen Harper and the media is announcing “The End of Canadian Conservativism”.   This is the same media who highly criticized the Prime Minister before Christmas with the last budget saying that there was not enough economic stimulus and urged him to take the risk of going into fiscal deficit for the sake of the economy.     The new budget clearly defines economic stimulus aimed toward national infrastructure.  Now the media are saying it is too much and are crying that the nation will go into deficit.  Let’s see …  it doesn’t take much to figure out that you can’t spend money without it costing something.  

   Who prints this stuff?  Worse still who believes everything they read?  I say that we need to seriously think about what we are reading.  Do we delight in reading misleading half truths and semi-slanderous things about people?   Like I said, I am looking forward to getting back into the House of Commons.  I like to hear things for myself.  I don’t like forming my prayers based on biased opinions filtered through media hype that operates on a money-making system of  the sensational, especially at the expense of people’s characters.  These are the very people  that we as the church are supposed to build up and honour. 

It is interesting  that the Liberals support this new budget along with their regular 3 month watchdog amendments that were added and voted on last night.  It would appear that the final vote will be tonight.

Let’s continue to pray for our leaders and our media.  We can rest assured that His truth will prevail.

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