A New Budget, A Better Budget


by Terry Long

    Yesterday we at NHOP, plus our visiting prayer team and our prayer missionaries had the privilege to be present for Jim Flaherty’s presentation of the Budget Speech for 2009.  It was reserved seating by invitation only so we were thrilled to be able to attend and also go to the reception following.  Of course we know that this privilege was actually a divine assignment that allowed us to be a praying presence in the House of Commons, and pray we did indeed. There was a tangible buzz in the air and the presentation statement itself went very well.  However, the party leaders also issued their statements.  The Leader of the Bloc sent a definitive statement by not showing up at all.  The leader of the NDP left early to be the first out of the gate on national television to say that he is not supporting it.  Curious that these leaders are quick to speak before they have actually read the budget.  The new Liberal leader had a different and more encouraging statment.   He wanted to review it thoroughly before making any definitive comment.  Impressive. 

         Today at 11.00 am he issued his statement that he and his party would support the budget along with some amendments.   This whole process still needs prayer and we encourage you to join us in praying for all the government leaders at this time.  Generally speaking we are encouraged that the two major parties are talking and negotiating even if it is with a guarded spirit.

       It has been noted by all on the Hill and of course the media that this new budget is vastly different from the last one presented just before Christmas.  There has been considerable effort to make this one sound more “party” friendly with more of a “let’s work together” tone.  There is a lot in it that should appeal to all the leaders of the parties if they would only read it.  But alas, the party leaders who had the most to gain from a coalition now have the most to lose, now that coalition talks are off.  Never a dull moment on the Hill that’s for sure.  

      It is exciting being there everyday and staying informed to be able to report back to all of you who are interested in the government and who read this blog.   If you don’t receive it yet, please sign up for our newsletter (on our website)  as we give up to date prayer points regularly.  For an easy to read summary of the budget from the National Post please click here.

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