Mike Duffy Where Are You?

by Terry Long

mike-duffy     Well, here we are at the most important week so far this year in terms of government.  The House gets back to business and all the key players are in place, that is all except for one.  Mike Duffy.  I appreciated the even and non-biased approach that  he brought to his show – “The Mike Duffy Show”, a true rarity in our present day media.  As you know, we pray for the media and for fair journalism.  Please keep praying.   In case you have not heard, the Duffinator was appointed to the Senate.  Well deserved but sadly missed.  This week  just won’t be the same without him.  Of course CTV chose a replacement in Tom Clarke.  Time will tell……

richard-long      Too bad CTV did not ask me for my suggestions, and yes, I do have some.   First and foremost would be my own husband Richard.  Who else is so personable, balanced, well read and informed plus a great communicator?  All of you who know him know exactly what I mean.    Too bad again that we don’t have any media connections.  I guess we will just have to launch our own show on the internet.  Stay tuned.

michael-coren      My second choice to replace Mike would be that other Mike.  You know the one.  Yes, Michael Coren.  Sure he’s  opinionated and outspoken.   Just what we need here in Ottawa to shake things up.  You know what they say, if you can’t get as good as the same then get the opposite.  He is so unbelievably not Mike Duffy that it could work brilliantly.  I think the ratings would go through the roof  with everyone wanting to get a piece of him.  Seriously though, one of the thing that I appreciate about Michael Coren is that on his show, The Michael Coren Show,  he and his guests engage in intelligent debates about real issues and topics –  not fabricated ones    This is a key often overlooked in media today, and he does it with just enough wit, humour and cheek to keep you watching or reading.  I like his column in the Sun too as it forces him to be just a little more succinct.   I never endorse anything 100 %, but I think you will find his material thought-provoking. 

    Check out his show on CTS on weeknights at 8.00 pm, EST Ontario, MST Calgary, MST Edmonton and also check out his column  http://www.torontosun.com/comment/columnists/michael_coren/

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