“When all else fails …”


by Richard Long

Prayer made the headlines today in the Ottawa Citizen.

“When all else fails” was the headline for an article about how after 45 days of the bus strike there was a prayer service at St. Joseph’s RC church to pray about the problem.

Several observations

1. This is the first time the media realized that people are praying about it.
(I’m sure that hundreds of thousands of prayers have gone up to heaven about this strike from even before it started. We had our own dedicated prayer time on this issue a couple of weeks ago at NHOP.)  We just didn’t call the media.

2. It shows how the secular media thinks about prayer.  It’s an action of last resort.  “When all else fails …”  A final, low-odds gamble.  “Heh, we’ve tried everything else …”

Most Christians know prayer as the first response to a crisis.  At least we should!

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