Being An Authentic Witness


By Terry Long

“He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.”  Psalm 23: 2,3

       You may be asking, “What has this passage got to do with being an authentic witness for the Lord?”    Simply put:  You cannot give out (or emit) what you do not possess.  Nothing replaces spending quality time with Jesus.  It is only in his presence that we are truly restored.  We can find life, newness, freshness, cleaness, greeness, and quiet waters if we go with him where he wants to take us to spend time with him.  I am not talking about mountain climbing or a 10 mile hike. (Although being in nature can certainly enhance our quiet times.)   Rather, it is the quiet places of the mind, body and spirit that we can find refreshment and restoration with Jesus if we allow him to lead us there – and if we are willing to give him our time.   It should be a daily place where we go to be with him.  Daily restoration gives us the full tank of light and life that we can live out and pass around to others.   The evidence and overflow of that personal restoration will spill over as goodness, kindness and joy to everyone that we encounter.  Let us be real and authentic witnesses for the Lord.  Let’s start by following our shepherd to those green pastures and still waters.   


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