A New Day and An Old Prayer


by Terry Long

     Today we at NHOP joined with probably millions of other people  to watch the inauguration on television for Barack Obama.  Today he bacame the 44th president of the United States of America.   People everywhere are watching this man with huge anticipation and adulation hoping that he will be the one to save America from all the economic troubles.   How many times did we hear the newscaster keep repeating,  “It’s a new day!” 

     It was an historical day in many ways to be sure.   But on top of all the pomp and ceremony there were some truly spiritual and God-honoring moments  that I am sure sent spiritual shock waves into a watching and listening world.  One such moment was when  the “new day” started with an old prayer.  Before any of the ceremony got underway, Pastor Rick Warren from Saddleback Community Church in California and author of the “Purpose Driven Church”  led the nation in the official invocational prayer.  He was purposefully hand-selected by Obama himself.    The prayer was amazing and at the end of it, Rick  invited everyone to join him in the Lord’s Prayer. 

     I wonder how many millions present and watching around the world joined together to pray it?  I would like to think that shafts of brilliant light shone around the world for a brief moment in time.  A great start to a new presidency.  Let’s continue to pray for President Barack Obama.  He will certainly need it.

     Read Rick Warren’s prayer in it’s entirety here:

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