Prayer Rally for Peace

Our friend Annie Elliott praying at the prayer rally

Our friend Annie Elliott praying at the prayer rally

by Terry Long,

   Yesterday I attended a prayer rally on Parliament Hill to support Israel’s right to defend itself as a country.  It was a frigid cold day and yet, like myself, many came out to stand with the local Jewish community including other church leaders and two members of Parliament, Jeff Watson, and my own M.P. Royal Galipeau.  Their speeches were heartfelt.  

   This is not solely a political issue, but a moral and humanitarian issue that needs greater attention beyond the surface judgements of a biased media.  Having been in Israel in early 2008 I was made aware that 5 – 6 katusha rockets are fired daily from Hamas on to Israel soil consistently and have been over the last 8 years even during the so-called ceasefires.  This is something that does not make international headlines but the world should know.  How can Hamas move towards peace when they believe that Israel should be annihilated?  The solution would take a miracle from God.  Yesterday I was praying for a miracle. I was praying for the peace of Jersualem.  Would you also join me?

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