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newspaper-icon1 by Richard Long,

   How do you get a balanced perspective from our national media?  That’s a question that we are often asked because we are required to do lots of research when it comes to praying informatively for our government.

  First of all, it is important to say that all media has a bias.  It is impossible not to have a perspective which is often political.  Therefore one of the most critical things you must do is to read several different accounts of the same  story.

  Secondly it is good to identify the bias that you are receiving.  After a short time you can easily figure out what the particular newspaper or radio or T.V. network’s bias really is.  So you factor that into the story.  With a bit more time you can distinguish which reporters or columnists have particular slants that they bring.  Some are more objective than others.

  Thirdly, if you are using the internet (which obviously you are if you are reading this blog) then here at NHOP we suggest using a news aggregator as your jumping off spot.  The best one in Canada is .   Beyond giving you regularly updated feeds from all the national news agencies, it also has most of the major columnists, and most importantly it has the main political blogging sites.

  The blogging sites are set up under their political persuasion, so you know up front what their perspective is going to be.  The reason you want to read the bloggers is because they are the people who are usually breaking the news stories in the 21st century.  True, they are not necessarily professional reporters, but they are free to do lots of extra research and potentially tell you the inside scoop.  Eventually the Mainstream Media will pick up the bloggers’ stories and carry them to the general populace.

  Not wanting to show  my own bias too strongly, I will not tell you what the best news agencies and bloggers are in my opinion.  But I am happy to tell you if you email or call us at NHOP. 🙂

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