Another Good-bye.


by Richard Long,

  We said good-bye to our final 3 Nazarites this morning, so the nest is empty again.  Today we took our cook out for lunch to say thanks for all his labours of love and seemingly unlimited patience and flexibility.

  Jay Blackburn was God’s gift to us when we needed to find a cook for the Fall in very short order.  He was only travelling through on his way back to the UK after working in a camp in Alberta, but agreed to stay and help when we asked him to pray about a 3 month detour.

  Jay has been trained for pastoral ministry and believes that the Lord wants him serving somewhere in Canada.  We are praying for the right fit for him.

jay-blackburnIf you know of a situation that could use a very flexible, relational man who loves the Word and loves evangelism, please send us a note.  We can send you his resume.  Jay is heading back home to north-western England for the Christmas break, but then looking for the next chapter in his life.

Please pray for him!

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