No turning back for our Nazarites


(Jordan throwing Rob Parker up in the air with Megan watching)

by Megan MacQuin

God has been showing me that every good season needs to end, but in order to grasp the new season I need to let go of the old…I am excited for the new things that is going to happen in my life in this next year, and for the rest of the Nazarites. I truly believe that God is pleased with us….He truly loves when we obey His voice, and for us to come here, it was a sacrifice…giving up school, jobs, ministry opportunites…Etc. I can say my life will never be the same as when I first came here, but I think I came knowing I would grow, change or transform into something greater. I guess I can say I’ve changed into a permanent Nazarite…There is absolutly no turning back for me. I’ve tasted something good, and I know in my spirit that I cannot turn back. The adventure has just started for us…and we are excited for the new season of living…Praise God for all that He has done…For He is worthy to be praised!

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