Some seasonal humour

by Richard Long,

  There are a number of Christian humour websites that I visit from time to time.  A new one has come online recently.

Here’s a sample …

Bad Mom: Christmas Traditions –

My kids love keeping the family traditions alive, which generally means I’m expected to work my tail off during the holidays. But even family traditions morph over the years. These are a few of my favorites.

Christmas Cookies

Early Years: Sift the flour, break the eggs, and roll the dough. Make a frantic hunt for Christmas cookie cutters; then find them in the cabinet above the refrigerator. Get whacked by the whirling ceiling fan while climbing off the step ladder. Mix eight colors of icing before oven timer goes off. Dress the kids in oversized aprons and let them loose with the decorations, giving tips on using toothpicks to outline fine details and where to place candy buttons, eyes and reindeer paraphernalia.

Middle Years: Buy refrigerated cookie dough, a tub of frosting and candy sprinkles. Slice the cookies. Color the frosting red and green before the timer goes off. Tell the kids the sprinkles are festive and leave the room.

Later Years: Buy Christmas cookies.

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