Graduation Day


by Richard Long,

  Today is the big day.  We have spent the entire day praying and prophesying over each of our Nazarites as we get ready to launch them back out into God’s purposes for their lives.  We had a special visit from Bob from the Capital City Mission who came by to personally thank them for their service in providing meals over these last weeks.

Tonight we will have a special dinner and presentations as they graduate from the program.  Each of them have done amazingly well with all that got thrown their way.  They have become a very tight community and it is hard to see this 3 month chapter come so quickly to an end.

Our commitment to them is to keep them in our prayers and support them in whatever way we can now that they are alumni of our ministry.

Tonight we are also saying good bye to Robin, who has been with us for a month, Stephany who has been doing a work internship in graphic design and helping us with French translation, and Jay Blackburn who has served us with great labour and love in the kitchen this Fall.

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