Back away from the Abyss

by Richard Long,

  We’ve been doing a lot of praying about this political crisis in the last week.  Hard to imagine that it has only been 7 days since this all started.  However you may feel about this crisis and its causes, I think we can all agree that it had way too much emotion, anger and bitterness wrapped up in it and our elected representatives were needing a “time out”.

  So we feel that the decision by the Governor General was a good one today, when she agreed to the Prime Minister’s proposal to prorogue parliament until Jan. 26, 2009.

That might seem like a long time but actually that just means that the politicians head home one week earlier than planned and come back a few days later than originally scheduled. 

  So they have backed away from the abyss.  By that I mean, they are now heading away from a constituitional and a national unity crisis that we faced these last few days.

  We need to pray that the wounds of seperation, alienation and division that were exacerbated by this last week would now be healed.

  Also we need to keep praying for the leaders of all these parties that they would all cool down and find a way to make the 40th Parliament work.

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