Our Nazarites blog! Here’s an excerpt from what Megan MacQuin wrote about this weekend …

megan-011“Right now, I am visiting Barrie Ont. for 4 days…I am joined with Chelsea, Rob, Richard, Michelle, and Iain, where Richard and Rob are teaching a school of prayer in a church called Hi-way, which so happens to be right beside the highway….Go figure.

Soooo…This afternoon Rob taught his students today on how to pray the Bible. As he was putting them in groups, he called Chelsea and I to join. The verse above is the verse my group prayed, and as we were praying, God was bringing to my mind the things of what He has provided for me since being at NHOP…Actually, this verse has been rolling in my mind for quite sometime, but sometimes it takes a few hits to the head to actually understand the fullness of what God is trying to say…He is so patient.”

Want to read more? Go to the Nazarite Call blog to read the rest of Megan’s entry.


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