Lessons from Manchester

by Richard Long,

  I collect books on prayer.  Since the word has got out about that, I find people send me books that I would never normally discover.

  One such gem is a book by Frank and Debra Green who wrote a history in 2005 of how prayer is changing the city of Manchester in the U.K.  It’s titled “City Changing Prayer”.  Having been to that city a number of times over the last 10 years, it gives me an insider’s glimpse of all the behind the scenes work that has been going on by faithful intercessors.

Here’s a quote from their closing chapter …

“So, it all begins with prayer and it all continues with prayer.  But to keep the whole thing in balance we need to remind ourselves that it would be a serious mistake to remain so focused on the spiritual activity of prayer that we never allowed God to stir us into practical action.  Prayer is about God grabbing our attention as well as us gaining His!  Jim Graham says, ‘Prayer is not so much about us getting God on our side to solve the problems in our lives as Him getting us on His side to serve His purposes in the world.'”

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